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Pallet Wrapping Machine Minipack 20

diameter turntable: 1500/1800/2000 mm
  • speed rotation platform: fixed at 10 rev / min for the model fp30 – adjustable from 7 to 15 revolutions / min for the model fp30 / s
  • max. platform and size max. Load: according to the specifications of the machine
  • height max. film reel used: 500 mm
  • diameter max. film reel: 300 mm
  • photocell for automatic reading of the height of the load to be wrapped
  • fp30 / s: microprocessor control panel with push buttons for digital adjustment of parameters and the selection of the optimal work cycle between the following 4 standard available:
    * Standard wrapping cycle (up & down)
    * wrapping cycle only during the climb of the reel carriage
    * wrapping cycle only during the ascent of the trolley, with stop for positioning a protective cap on the top of the pallet on 4 sides
    * wrapping cycle standard (up & down) with stop for the positioning of a cap Protective on top of the pallet, 4 sides
  • fp30: panel electromechanical
  • diagnostics for faults or alarms (only on version fp30 / s)
  • selector for manual or automatic wrapping cycle
  • separate programming number of revolutions lower and higher
  • Inverter for soft start, speed adjustment ‘rotation and stopping in indexed position of the rotary table (standard model fp30 / if available as an accessory for the model fp30)
  • electromagnetic clutch for adjusting the tension of the film
  • transmission trolley, via belt
  • lower safety guard
  • motor rotation platform and engine trolley traveling in the column
  • possibility of forking of the car from the side column
  • preparation for mounting group presser
  • standard voltage: 415 v – 50 Hz – 3-phase + neutral
  • Machine weight: 500 kg
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