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Packaging Machines Minipack Ministretch

Stretch seal machines provide a comfortable yet secure wrap for your packages and products. Using an automated process, the machines completely wrap the product according to your specifications, and they can be personalised to meet your specific needs. The automated process speeds up production and allows you to seal far more products than you would otherwise. You can enjoy better results and more satisfied customers thanks to the high quality and security provided by our seal stretch machines. We offer two different varieties to better meet the needs of our clients and to make certain that you can get the machine that works best for you and your business. Our seal stretch machines are simple to use and will integrate easily into any work environment or production process, ensuring that you have a powerful new resource with which to process and secure your merchandise.

Power Supply 240 v
Max Film Roll Dimensions (Diameter) 220mm
Max Film Roll Dimensions (Width) 450mm
Machine Weight (Net/Gross) 60/78kg
Machine Dimensions 700x730mm x h.700mm
Useful Basin Dimensions Min.130x90x10mm - Max. 270x200x145mm
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