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Shrink Wrapping Machine: Minipack 5040 (Sealer with Conveyor)

Semi-automatic L-sealer made of steel sheets, treated and varnished with episodic powder.


After film setting by means of working table and roll holder, in accordance to product size, operator push product under upper film in sealing station. Sealing bar comes down by foot switch or automatically and perform seal around goods. Product is discharged by conveyor and next packing can be performed.

The sealer is suitable to pack half automatically the most various goods, single or multiple, using traditional hot sealable center folded films. Machine manufactured in different sizes, require small installation space, is practical in operation and absolutely reliable.

Main features

  • Discharging conveyor, adjustable in height, at 7.5 mt/min speed.
  • Safety stop on sealing bar down motion, should on its trajectory be an obstacle.
  • Impulse sealing controller by times, sealing blade on down or top sealing bar.
  • Suitable film: PVC, polypropylene, and polyethylene.
  • Average output: 300/900 pack/hour  (purity indicative indication as depend type and dimension of product, consequence of package and type of film used).
  • Products sizes max height 220 mm.


  • Synchronized push buttons for bar start.
  • Electric production counter.
  • Automatic trim recovery.
  • Sealing with blade or wire on moving bar.


This machine comes in different sizes:

500mm X 400mm

750mm X 550mm

 1150mm X 800mm

We can Custom make This Machine to YOUR specific REQUEST!


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