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Shrink Wrapping Machine: Minipack Ecomodular

Minipack Ecomodular L-Bar Sealer

The Minipack Ecomodular provides high efficiency with any product needed to be sealed or shrink wrapped. The Ecomodular can speed up production and man power capabilities

Shrink Tunnel can be added to seal and shrink products.

Adjustable film separator & film holder
Adjustable pack height for thin and bulk


Sealing Bar Dimension: 540mm X 400mm

Power Supply 240 v
Phase 1ph
Power Max 2.2kw
Max Output 0-550p/h(pph)
Max Film Roll Dimensions (Diameter) 250mm
Max Film Roll Dimensions (Width) 600mm
Working Plate Height 930mm
Packed Machine Dimensions 1520x1080x850mm
Machine Weight (Net/Gross) 101/130kg
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