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Vacuum Packaging Machine Minipack MVS65-XP

MVS65 XP: professional vacuum sealer machine with automatic tracking

In many models of the MVS XP series of vacuum packaging machines, it is possible to trace the vacuum inside the packaging: an exclusive feature perfectly aligned with the innovative spirit of Minipack International.

For each operation, it is possible to set the emission of a label that summarizes the main characteristics of the packing process.

A second innovative element of these chamber vacuum sealers is the display, which includes a series of cutting-edge technologies in the food industry. The rich range of features is instantly accessible, enabling you to quickly set up packaging operations. In addition, the display allows checking in a few touches the need for technical interventions and assistance.

The whole new line of vacuum packaging machines XP has obtained the CE/ETL/NSF certifications

Sealing Bar Dimension: Two Sealing bars  656mm each

Power Supply 240 v - 415 v
Phase 1ph - 3ph
Working Plate Height 889mm
Machine Dimensions with Open Hood 820x930x1480mm
Machine Dimensions with Closed Hood 820x930x1045mm
Packed Machine Dimensions 900x985x1300mm
Machine Weight (Net/Gross) 229/265kg (63m³) - 247/283kg (100m³)
Vacuum Cycle (Vacuum 99,9%) Vacuum =20 Air re-immission =6 sec
Vacuum Pump 63 mc/h (All the MV) - 100 mc/h (Only 215 V)
Useful chamber dimensions (Tank+cover) 611x670mm h.251mm
Useful chamber dimensions (Tank+cover) 611x670mm h.251mm
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