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Packaging Machine Minipack Side Seal

General features

  • Works with all types of films (optional blades for polyolefin, polyethylene, polypropylene)
  • The 3 belt machine allows to save a lot of film
  • The length of the item to be packaged is calculated automatically by the machine
  • This machines do not produce empty packages: whenever an item is missing, the cycle is automatically stopped

Specific Features

  • Sealing machine is equipped with continuous motion transversal sealing bar that moves vertically and horizontally following the products in order to cut and weld the bag in the frontal and back sides.
  • No stops in the sealing cycle as the welding bar works in continuous
  • Transverse sealing bar width till 800 mm, product’s height up to 40 cm
  • Speed calculated with a4 format up to 5000 pcs/h Standard box motion.
  • Up to 9000 pcs/h with system of servomotors brush less.


  • Modified atmosphere system: to pack in protected atmosphere with barrier film, polypropylene or mixed coupled films.
  • Re-usable bag & re sealable bag system


Custom made machine On REQUEST to YOUR special needs.

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