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Packaging Machine Minipack Box Motion

General Features

  • They can work with all types of films (optional blades for polyolefin,¬†polypropylene)
  • The 3 belt machine allows to save a lot of film
  • The length of the item to be packaged is calculated automatically by the machine
  • Whenever an item is missing, the cycle is automatically stopped

Specific Features

  • Sealing machine is equipped with fixed welding bar that moves vertically and descends when the product arrives in order cut and weld the bag in the frontal and back sides
  • Thanks to continuous side sealing there are no limits in product’s length
  • Transverse sealing bar width till 1200 mm, product’s height up to 40 cm
  • Speed calculated with a4 format up to 3000-3500 pcs/h.


Modified atmosphere system: to pack in protected atmosphere with barrier film, polypropylene or mixed coupled films.
Re usable bag & re sealable bag system.


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