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Shrink Wrapping Machine: Minipack Freska

Freska is a revolutionary machine designed to package all types of trays on the market without the need for custom molds. The film adheres to any product, with or without trays.
The machine also allows all types of films and pouches to be packaged.
Ideal for packaging meat and all types of food.


Freska allows the simultaneous installation of 2 reels (even with different characteristics!) that are always ready to use. This saves time with each reel change.

Freska 3 machines in 1

  • Thermo sealer: universal moldless, with any type of tray including cardboard.
  • Stretch dispenser: wraps with recyclable film any product with tray of any type and without tray.
  • Sealing machine: creates any pouch shape and seals any material.
Power Max 240 V
Max Product Dimensions 350mm x 240mm x 140mm
Machine Dimensions with Open Hood 840mm x 640mm x 690 mm
Machine Weight (Net/Gross) 54/68 KG
39-41 Barry Rd, Campbellfield
Melbourne Victoria 3061 Australia
Phone 1300 853 111 for Product Information
Head Office (03) 9357 8400
Fax: (03) 9357 8225